We got home at 8pm on Thursday the 28th, but its taken me a couple of days to sleep, do laundry and refill my kitchen. Like all our road trips this one at various points made me want to move to more glamorous locales, travel the world and be independently wealthy, and by the end all I wanted was to get home. And be independently wealthy.

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We got into New Orleans and parked for couple of days, so the mile is approximate. Elaine was sick, so she didn’t get to see much of the city.


Molly at Cafe du Monde.


Molly and a stingray at the Audubon Aquarium.



We saw a bit of Bourbon Street (Elaine: “Disneyland for alcoholics”) and a bit of the Garden District. Mainly we sweated. A lot. Within 5 minutes of walking outside. And ate some delicious food. New Orleans, at least in June, seems like a great place to go and engage in sedentary pursuits. Eating, reading, drinking, sitting on large porches, etc. All things that I’m really good at, if only it weren’t for the need to occasionally leave the house to make money.

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We slept in Memphis, got up, had a delicious and painfully large breakfast at Brother Juniper’s, and hit the road for New Orleans.

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We commemorated our trip to the Lincoln Library by crushing his likeness.

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It was a pretty busy day. We checked out of the Tremont, dropped out bags in the car, and walked down to the Chicago Cultural Center, where we saw “Morbid Curiosity: The Richard Harris Collection.” Beautiful old building and an interesting collection of death related art.


(This would have turned out pretty well if it hadn’t cut Elaine’s face off.)

We then walked back to the car and started the trip to O’Hare to pick up Molly. I had mapped it in the morning to get an idea of how far it was, but hadn’t considered that Google Maps take traffic into account, so my 23 minute drive became a 45 minute slog. We picked up Molly and took surface streets back, down Cumberland to Roosevelt and Roosevelt to Michigan, through some cute and some rough neighborhoods.

We got settled in the condo and everyone went to Flo & Santos, where E and I had a delicious kielbasa, sauerkraut and bacon pizza. We hit Trader Joe’s and Jewel Osco for supplies and went back to the condo for the evening.

Condo views, day and night.




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View out the window of the Tremont.


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Not a great picture, but we’re here.


We checked in to the Tremont Hotel downtown, dropped off out stuff, and walked down N. Michigan to Millennium Park and back.

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The Arch is enormous. I never really understood the scale of the thing until I got there.


And then you ride up to the top in a tiny capsule, sitting way closer to strangers than you ever normally get, but everyone is excited and a little nervous so no one cares. And then you look down.



And out at the city.


I was impressed. And a little glad to get back down to the ground.

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